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What is Nike Insights? Nike Insights is a fellowship of men and women seeking to shed light on the spiritual and political issues of our time by using the Holy Scripture as our authority and guide. Our purpose is education and reformation.

What is on this website? This site contain zesty articles on Biblical subjects (theology), the political and moral issues of our time, and legal helps from a Christian common law perspective.

Who will be interested in the information provided? 

  1. Christians who are seeking to grow in their walk with Christ and knowledge of Scripture.
  2. Couples seeking to establish their marriage and family on the Word of God.
  3. American patriots who are fed up with the liberal chaos and are seeking knowledge on how the Bible applies to government, politics, and law.
  4. Believers who are tired of milk, irrelevant sugar slap sermons, and political complacency.
  5. Seminary students who are preparing for the Christian ministry seeking perspective on the theological issues of our time.
  6. Pastors who do not have a degree, but are seeking to become competent theologians and Bible teachers.
  7. Deacons, elders, and Bible teachers looking to expand their knowledge of the Word of God and its application to the Christian ministry.

Why the website? Only a Biblically-grounded, militant Christianity can fulfill the dominion mandate to “make disciples of all the nations.”

Who is the main contributor on this website? Nike Insights features the ministry of Dr. Brook Stockton who served our Lord as a husband and father, a church planter, pastor, and seminary professor. Dr. Stockton has planted churches and Christian schools, and served as a Dean of Men and seminary professor of Biblical Studies and Theology at Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque. Further, for many years he provided a ministry of legal assistance to American Citizens who were victims of political oppression and hemlock justice (Isaiah 1:17).

Peruse the website and enjoy it.  If you are helped, we would appreciate a note from you. Likewise, if you find a way we can be more Biblical and accurate, you are welcome to comment.

His Majesty’s Servant,

Living Soul, Administrator, in the original jurisdiction of Genesis 1:26-28, Isaiah 1:17

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